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    Garrison by Runë


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    Garrison by Runë

    Post by Runë on Fri Apr 10, 2015 4:53 pm

    There are a few functions you can aim for with your garrison I will be covering the basic build.

    Main Character:
    Large: Barracks
    Large: War Mill
    Medium: Tavern
    Medium: Gladiator's Sanctum PVP / Trading Post PVE
    Small: Salvage Yard
    Small: Forge
    Small: Whatever you want

    Will have the exact same set up as above except the smaller buildings can be for other crafts you want to access and instead of the Gladiator's Sanctum you can place a Barn.

    Order of importance for leveling up buildings:
    1: Tavern level 2
    2: Salvage Yard level 3
    3: Barracks level 3
    4: War Mill 2
    5: Forge and other Small plot: 2
    6: Tavern, War Mill, Small Plots all to level 3
    7: Gladiator's Sanctum 3 or Trading Post 3 or Barn 3

    With a level 3 Barracks you will have up to 25 followers, on your main 5 of those should be working at the:
    Fishing Hut, Herb Garden, Mines, and your two small plots.
    With 20 followers and one new follower each week from your tavern you want to get a balance of abilities to finish missions.

    18 Followers are your work team and 2 spots open for new recruits to level up.
    Try to spread your abilities out so you have 4 of each one with your primary 18 followers.
    Do not recruit followers with experience bonus, this is a waste, they level up fast enough without it.
    The three traits you want to aim for first are:
    Epic Mount
    Treasure Hunter

    In a perfect world you should aim to have:
    4 Scavengers
    4 Epic Mounts
    4 Treasure Hunters

    Out of your 18 followers that accounts for up to 12.
    Have 1 follower with the hearth and experience buff traits to help level up your new recruits.
    The other traits you want your followers to have are the burst of power and racial buffs.
    Stamina might seem good, but when you got an epic mount cutting down all your 8-10 hour missions to 4-5 hours, Stamina never really does much good.
    Racial buffs are better than terrain type buffs because you can choose to pair races more than you can choose your terrain type.

    Once you have a well balanced team, you can put your new recruits on missions that reward 8000-15000 exp, even with the penalty that's still over 1000 exp.
    Doing this should get you 2 levels a day, from 90 to 94, then put them in group missions for big exp up till 98, then back into the large exp missions.
    If you have no group missions for their level, put them in the large exp missions. If they don't make at least 1000 exp per mission it's a waste.

    Gearing your followers:
    There are two types of enhancement items. The first will give your follower a set item level like: 615, 630 and 645. The second type will increase their current item level by: 3, 6, or 9.
    These do not stack, if you give a follower a 615 weapon, then a +3 to make it 618 and then give it a 630 weapon... it will be 630 not 633.
    That being said you want to save up all your +3, 6 and 9 enhancements until your followers are equipped with 645 weapons and armor to get them up to 675.
    If you are crazy low on 645 items, use the + enhancements from a base of 630 but never from 615.
    Your working team of 18 should be the first to gear up, pick them based on their abilities you don't need 6 guys with taunt at 645, spread them out so you have at least 1 ability of every type equppied with 630+ item level.

    Do not be afraid to replace followers, you can always reactivate any you deactivate, odds are you will switch through quite a few before you find your perfect balance.

    How to profit.
    Put your treasure hunter followers on any gold mission worth 100 or more.
    Put your scavengers on resource missions.
    Try to get 1 epic mount on any mission over 8 hours long.
    Use epic mounts to cut down the missions used to level up new recruits.
    Save your salvage boxes, open them up once a day before you log out for the night and sell anything you get from them to the npc at the yard.
    Turn in bones to your Sanctum for gold each day.

    The higher equipped your followers are the more you get form your missions, aim to have 10 followers at 630, then 645 and then 675 at a time.
    Once you have all this done you should make around 500g a day at least per character.

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