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    Post by Runë on Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:46 pm

    I get all of my addons except one from this site is safe and I have never had any issue with downloading addons.

    When you get to the page at the top click "Downloads" and you should see a link on on the page in large letters that says "Curse Client" this is worth getting. It is a small program that is free to you and will allow you to download and update addons way easier.

    Once you have the Curse Client you can actually open it up and use it instead of the web site to get your addons.

    When you open up the client for the first time you'll see two tabs near the top "My Addons" which is where you update your addons and "Get More Addons" which is where you want to go now to get new ones.

    Most addons are quite small and will not effect your game play at all there are some bigger addons you might want to avoid. I will list below all the addons I use and why I use them. You can search for them by name under "Get More Addons" search bar on the right of the Client.

    If you choose to make use of addons know that you need to exit all the way out of WoW first any time you want to update your addons. Once you are in the game you can access your addons from the character menu on the lower left of the screen or in game from your main menu under addons. If you are new to addons, I would suggest downloading 2-3 at a time so you don't have a melt down when all the addon menu's pop up at first.

    In mostly alphabetical order lol

    These addons will mark on your map the locations of all "Rare" enemies in the game making it much easier to find them, kill them and get rare items.
    Archaeology Helper
    These addons work together to give you a marker system for Archaeology, it speeds up the process greatly but is worthless if you don't care about Archaeology.
    Is used to give you a timer in the WoD world PVP area, if you don't PVP in Ashran, this addon is worthless.
    Battle Pet - Quality
    Shows you the quality of battle pets you fight.
    One button work orders in your garrison.
    Deadly Boss Mods
    A requirements for anyone that goes into dungeons or raids of any kind for any reason.
    Allows you to collect all your mail at once, pick up dozens of items with one button.
    Group Finder Silence
    This addon removes the noise from the group finder icon when you're in a group that doesn't auto accept, unless you bounce around large premade groups alot this addon is worthless.
    This addon is a requirement for anyone that goes into dungeons or raids of any kind for any reason.
    Healers have to die
    Marks healers in PVP so you know who to kill first.
    I Interrupted That
    Every time you interupt a spell your character says "I Interrupted That Spell" this is useful when you need an interuption order or just to let people know they can interupt stuff.
    Set this addon up so when you are on guild chat it shows your main name next to your alt name when you speak. For example you see when I'm on guild chat it will say: Velosin [Runë]: this addon does that.
    Master Plan
    A must have for anyone who actively uses their garrison.
    PetBattle Teams
    If you like to pet battle and want different teams set up for different reasons, this one lets you pre build up to 18 (I think) teams you can select any time you want.
    PetJournal Enhanced
    This pairs nicely with the above addon to give you more info on your pets.
    Is the addon that tracks your combat data and allows you to share it withothers.
    Sell Grey
    Adds a button which allows you to sell all your grey items at once and is a requirement for anyone that actively uses the garrison salvage yard.
    WeakAuras 2
    This complex addon can enhance your combat abilities for any class in PVP or PVE, if you want to boost your reaction times feel free to ask me for a quick lesson on how to get this awesome addon going.

    There are tons of addons out there, you can use the curse website to look at all the subsections of addons and download them and update them using the curse client.

    ElvUi is the addon I use for my UI. This addon changes my entire screen layout and gives me access to custom settings that aren't in the base game. I use some addons from curse to enhance it even further and they are:
    Elvui ExtraActionBars
    ElvUI Raid Markers

    If you are interested you can get Elvui you at:
    Click "ElvUI" Download under "Download Latest Version Of" they will have other download ads on the page make sure you avoid them. Once you down load the file: " (# is the version of the addon and it will change, currently 8.06).

    Go to your start button > computer > local disk c > program files (x86) > WoW > interface > addons

    Open the ElvUI zip, drag the files over to your addon folder, make sure you don't put them into another addon lol, once they are in the addon folder you can close it up.

    Here is a picture of my UI:

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